Your Top 5 Money Saving Hacks

How can I save money? That may be a question that you have asked yourself at least once. Whether you are saving out of need, or you are saving out of necessity, read along and find your new favorite money saving hack. What you choose to do with your newly saved money is up to […]

15 May 2017


Living Single… and Loving It!

Follow I am living single, and I promise I am loving it. This is the topic for Day Three (today). Day Two’s post (missed it? Find it here.) talked about the moments that being single sucked. Today’s post will focus on the moments that makes being single the best! Living Single? Loving It? Am I […]

2 May 2017


Today, Being Single Sucks!

Follow Being Single Sucks! Today is Day 2 of The Single Woman’s 30-Day Blogging Challenge. Did you miss Day 1? You can check it out here. Some Days Being Single Sucks! There are some days when I appreciate being single, and there are other days where it just plainĀ sucks. When I say it sucks… I […]

29 Apr 2017


My Answer to Everyone’s Favorite Question… Why Am I Single?

Why am IĀ single? Don’t you just love when you go to parties, family dinners, or run into an old classmate? What about when they ask the world famous question, “Why are you still single?” Being the going-on-twenty-three-year-old young lady that I am, I simply close my mouth and think about my response. Sometimes, I even […]

21 Apr 2017


Your Quick and Easy Disney Ear Tutorial

Whether you are planning a Disney Vacation, having a Disney-themed party, or simply love Disney ears, this Disney Ear Tutorial is quick, easy, and sure to help! There are some beautiful Disney Ears being sold on Etsy, Amazon, and even through the Disney store, but the ears can get pricey. Personally, I have ordered ears […]

9 Apr 2017


Smiling…And Your Journey to Positivity

Follow When I worked at a retail clothing store, I would frequently go to training sessions. During these sessions, we discussed the latest (and greatest) fashions seen during Fashion Week. More importantly, we discussed the importance of having great customer service. One of the most important keys to customer service is greeting the customer by […]

31 Mar 2017


I’m Going to Disney World!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Cheers to Disney World! I’M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!! (I had to get that out.) Today marks 54 days until my cousin’s and my Disney World vacation. We are more than excited for our trip. While it is not our first time to Orlando (we have previously been to Universal […]

23 Mar 2017


Spring Break Hacks (2017 Edition)

Spring Break is the time of the year that most students, and adults, look forward to. It is a time that we can take a break from work and school responsibilities, we plan and look forward to the best Spring Break vacations, and/or we simply look forward to doing absolutely nothing. For whichever category you […]

11 Mar 2017


Why I Decided to Start Blogging… and You Should Too!

Why I Decided to Start Blogging I have always considered myself to be a lover of reading and writing. My love for reading and writing came from my mother. Writing has been a way for me to express myself, and reading has been a way for me to escape to another world. So, what does […]

11 Mar 2017


10 Things I’ve Learned in College

Whether you are a part-time college student, or full-time, there is a lesson to be learned from college. When I graduated high school, I was so excited to embark on a new phase of life. This is the case for a lot of students entering into college, whether it is immediately after high school, or […]

11 Mar 2017