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    Closet Organization Hacks

    Do you find that closet organization to be a long and tiring process? What about keeping it organized? Most people want their closets to display their clothing, shoes, and accessories in a way that is organized. It is even better to have a boutique-feel to it. It’s actually really easy to do. I’ll show you how.

    Closet Organization Hack #1: Sort by Type & Color

    Sorting is one of the most important things when it comes to closet organization. One of the strategies that a lot of retail boutiques and stores use is sorting the clothing and products. The same things go for organizing your closet. As a result, the closet looks cleaner, neater, and even more spacious. You do not have to have a closet full of clothing, but it pays to organize what little or great amount of stuff that you have.

    If you have dressers or other organizational tools, then organize those things as well. Everything can be made to look neat and boutique-like when you sort and organize appropriately. A lot of stores carry the drawer cubes to keep things sorted and neat.

    Additionally, stores color code their items. They typically use the ROYGBIV color system. The order that my clothes are in follows the same system, except it is a little different. My clothes start with white –> beige –> brown –> pink –> red –> orange –> yellow –> green –> blue –> purple –> grey –> black. (Work the prints into the end of the most dominant color.)


    Organizing clothing is the best part of cleaning my closet. I love to categorize them. It makes it a lot easier to choose what to wear. Here is the gist of how my clothes are sorted by type.

    The shirts are sorted in this order: crop tops, tank tops, short sleeves (t-shirts and blouses), long sleeves, sweaters/cardigans, and jackets. The bottom shelf, which ironically hangs my bottoms are in the following orders. First is my shorts, skirts (short then midi), maxi skirts, casual and/or linen pants, then my jeans.

    My dresses house the dress rack (it was already built into my closet). My dresses are organized from strapless maxis, tank and short sleeved maxis (I do not currently own any long sleeved Maxis), strapless midi dresses, the rest of my midi dresses, followed by my strapless, tank, short sleeved, and then long sleeved shorter dresses.

    It does not matter what order you decide to categorize your clothing. I change how I order my clothes all the time. Furthermore, my closet doubles as my storage room for my books, bags, and trunks. It is important to order my clothes in a way that I can cover what needs to be hidden.

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    Organize shoes in several ways. You may separate the shoes into heels (open toe, closed toe) and flats (sandals, tennis shoes, and casual flats). Personally, I like to separate my shoes this way for the convenience and boutique-feel. They, too, are coordinated and organized by color.


    Accessories include purses/bags, jewelry, head wear, and any other accessories that you enjoy storing in your closet. Personally, I am not a fan of wearing jewelry, so my jewelry organization is minimal. For others who wear a lot of jewelry, I would suggest buying jewelry organizers from a craft store (they are often on sale) or from stores such as Marshalls, Home Goods, and/or Ross. You might even luck up at some sort of dollar store.

    Closet Organzation

    Closet Organization Hack #2: Determine the Best Organization Systems

    It does not matter if it is a hole in the wall sized closet or a closet that is its own room. No matter the size, make the most of the space. Whatever organizational strategy is being used, work it around the layout of the closet.

    For closets on the smaller side, use hanger hacks and/or storage bins. Some hanger hacks can be found on this blog. For the things that you will not be using, place them in the storage bins. There are also under-the-bed storage bins that can be used for shoes and/or accessories/clothing.

    As I mentioned earlier, you may check out craft stores or others for shelving and organizers. When I organized my mom’s closet, I put an old bookshelf to use. She has a lot of flats and tennis shoes, so we use the bookshelf to organize her flats.

    My suggestion would be to put additional shelves to use. Or, if you want to hide the shoes or accessories, then you can get the shelving with the storage squares. Those work best for the organization and a nice presentation. Clothing could be folded and displayed nicely on the shelving as well. Personally, I prefer shelving over storage bins. Use whatever method works best for you.

    Keep in mind, some methods may not work for everyone. That’s okay! Sometimes finding the best method requires trial and error. Working retail has allowed me to experiment with what methods I like best. Pinterest is, also, a great help to determine the best organization systems. Ultimately, this one is all your decision. I won’t dwell on it because it is self-explanatory.

    Closet Organization Hack #3: Clean It Out Yearly (at minimum)

    Typically, I try to clean out my closet at least twice a year. Sometimes I even clean it out after every season. Some things that I buy, I buy with the purpose of only wearing once. For those clothes, I clean them out and make room for new clothes. As far as my shoes… I don’t clean them out as often because it is too hard to part with them. Shoes should only be thrown out when they are extremely dated or when they are too worn. (Well… that goes for my heels. I tend to clean out my flats more often.

    Again, clean as often as you prefer. It’s your closet, but at some point, you will need to let some things go. Don’t find yourself being that person that keeps things for 20 years believing that it will come back in style. Let it go!


    With that being said, I hope that you have found these hacks useful! How do you keep your closet organized? Let me know in the comments below.